Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Perfect Accent

More and more brides are choosing accent colors to coordinate with their wedding colors. Whether it's a colorful sash on your gown or the pale green orchids that highlight your mocha bridesmaids dresses, accent colors can really bring the whole look of a wedding together. From the invitations to the decor to the wedding parties attire, these accents can be carried through in little details everywhere.

Jewelry is a wonderful place to use your accent color! Rather than matching the color of your dress or choosing a neutral color try using a touch of your accent color to tie everything together.

Here are a few accent color ideas.

Sunshine and Spice

Alfred Angelo 6540

For this dress a great match would be Karen Necklace in Jonquil with Padparadcha. This combination uses both the main color and accent color together.

White and Blue

Alfred Angelo #1139
For this dress a great match would be Mikenna in Crystal Clear with Montana.

Kiwi and Fuchsia

Alfred Angelo 7004
For this dress a great match would be Josephine in Fuchsia, Rose and Light Rose.

Ivory and Cafe

Alfred Angelo #1719

For this dress a great match would be Courtney with Cream pearls and Golden Shadow crystals.

Butter and Rose

Alfred Angelo 6340S

For this dress, a great match would be Katie in Powder Rose.

Using your accent color in your jewelry is a great way to pull everything together! It's amazing how many people will notice these little details that help make your wedding special and uniquely you.

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